The Best Luggage Suitcases and Travel Bag Reviews 2017

Hello my name is Michael, thanks for stopping by my travel bag reviews, luggage and suitcases blog, I hope that you are able to find what you are looking for and that my blog is informative and helps you make whatever decision it is that you are looking to make.
I created this travel bag reviews blog because when travelling a lot, I used to get through suitcases, luggage and travel bags like they were going out of fashion, this blog is a amalgamation of some of the best, most useful and practical bags that I could find and that I just happen to come across.

If there is one thing that a prominent factor when travelling, at least for me, it is usually: have I packed everything, is there enough space? do I have all of my bags? is this going to be sturdy enough.
There are so many factors for me when travelling, and having those put to bed so to speak makes travelling much easier and less hassle, and hassle is that last thing you want when travelling, you just want to pack, load the car and that’s it; without worrying about the bags, especially if you’re travelling long distances!

I like this suitcase the most

If you are anything like me you probably love to travel, over the years I feel that I have successfully got luggage down to an art (how cheesy is that) or at least to a series of travel bag reviews, I know exactly what it is I want in a suitcase, I know how big or small I need my carry on luggage to be and I know how sturdy I need my suitcases to be, the last thing you want is a heavy suitcase to buckle its wheels halfway through the airport terminal and having to drag it like a rock to the drop off!

Using travel bag reviews to decide whats best for you

Before we get to crazy into all of this, I don’t expect everyone to read all of this information, while its certainly going to help you make your choices if you read through this and our travel bag reviews, you may already know what is it you yourself are looking for and are just looking for some handy recommendations, if that is the case, you can opt to pop on over to the travel bag comparison table I have made which has all of the various luggage, suitcases and carry ons laid out for easy viewing.

luggage_0008_fav-suitcaseAmerican TouristerSuitcaseOne Size££££
luggage_0004_71GHEZRdE2L._SL1500_Aerolite PCFSuitcaseMultiple Sizes£££
luggage_0007_91UjQLXwFTL._SL1500_Samsonite SuitcaseSuitcaseMultiple Sizes££
carry on luggageBTM Hard Shell LuggageSuitcaseMultiple Sizes££
luggage_0005_71pzxoDYqRL._SL1500_5 CitiesSuitcaseOne Size£

So let’s really get into the craziness, so to begin with by checking out my travel bag reviews is certainly one way but on a personal level, when I am doing what I can to figure out the luggage I want, or need I ask myself a few questions.

How will I be using it?

While we try to detail the suitcases and luggage’s in our travel bag reviews, ultimately it is down to your judgement to figure out if it be for in flight, on a drive, the duration of a boat cruise or for some other type of situation? for example if it is intended for an airplane, it would be a good idea to get familiar with various airliners rules as each airline that you are going to fly with has different standards. If we’re talking road trip, then think about it and look for luggage that is suitable to maximize the space in your car’s trunk. If you are going on a cruise ship, have a think about what sort of sack bags will be best for storage in the ship, or better they give them a call to find out if you are unsure, usually luggage that is flat or suitcases that are rigid are going to be the best option here.

How will I store it?

When you get the luggage home, have a ponder about where you are going to be storing it. A hard side luggage is going to be the worst problem child out of any, as you cant flex squish, squeeze or flatten them for efficient storage. Soft sided travel suitcases and lugagge are a little more reasonable, they are like the middle child, they don’t really want to but with some encouragement you can persuade them with a little force, pay attention to these features when reading travel bag reviews. If you literally have no space for these hard type cases, you may want to consider sticking exclusively to soft duffels and hand luggage when possible as they are extremely forgiving when storing.

What size will I need?

The luggage size, this usually will be the factor that ties in directly with the duration of your stay, if you decide that you will be are flying and airliners luggage restrictions. Not to mention your own habits; we all have tendencies to pack in a certain way, to either pack more or pack less for the a few weeks in the Caribbean.

Also consider a few extra bits and pieces for your bags and baggage, unique travel tab or more simple a coloured ribbon will help identify your bags from other similar luggage. Always fretting over the luggage weight limit? why not try getting a luggage scale for the extra reassurance, while not all of our travel bag reviews list their sizes, their products pages will so be sure to check that out.

What type of luggage or travel bag will I need.

There are many different types of luggage brand and travel bags, and luggage, and using the appropriate bags for the right trips will make it a lot easier on yourself, also have a browse at different travel bag reviews when you are deciding.

In our travel bag reviews you’ll find these type of luggage’s being reviewed, a carry on type of travel bag is a small piece of luggage which is allowed to be brought onto an airplane which you may stow away in the storage located overhead. To prevent you being subjected to having to stop and check your travel bags for pickup at a later time at the conveyor, so find a bag that’s able to conform to the rules in the airliners specific standards.

While some carriers permit larger carry on’s, for international flights these tend to be those originating and ending outside of the United States, Generally the sizes are usually smaller than US Domestic flights check the travel bag reviews for these or check with the airline you are flying with.

The height of the bag is the luggages measurement going from the base of floor to the very top of the handle of the bag in its retracted or lower position. The depth is the lugagge measurement from which goes from the front to the back and finally, its width is the measurement of the luggage going from one side to the other side, check out our comparison to get an idea of the carry on luggage size for different airlines.

Lightweight carry on
Lightweight Luggage Carry on

Personal Items
Personal items are one type of luggage that you’ll see throughout our travel bag reviews, they are usually a piece of travel luggage that you stow away underneath a seat that is positioned directly in front of your seat on the plane, these can include briefcases, camera bags, tote bags and smaller travel bags or backpacks. You can generally make the most out of this type of bag by purchasing one that is purposely designed specifically for this.

Often these types of bags will includes different compartments that are intended to hold thing like your passport, mobile phone, a laptop or tablet stationary and even your wallet which usual lives in a padded area, a primary section intended for your clothing and any overnight related objects. Often these types of bags can suffices for a stay of around two or three days. pair this with your carry on and you’ll easily get through a week long trip if you pack smart, our travel bag reviews will detail the various compartments so find one that suits your needs.

One thing to note is that a personal item does not have a standardized size. so it would be wise to check and see if you can find out with your airliner if they can give you some information on this.
Something else to be aware of when reading the travel bag reviews is that whether the item will fit underneath the seat or not will vary even with the same airplane, aisles seats are notoriously known for having the least amount of room underneath them. So it would be a good idea to check the specifications before you go ahead and buy this bag.

Lightweight Travel Bag
Lightweight Luggage Bag

Large Luggage
Checking your back will be necessary if you have any suitcases that seem to be larger than a carry on travel bag. more commonly you will ind options which are often about 24 to 30 inches in height, you will be able to also find some suitcases will come as large as 36 inches, but be sure to double-check with your airliner for size restrictions and limits. Usualy extra fee’s associated with weight limits, allied for excess wight per kg, we try to include such details in our travel bag reviews but always be sure to check with the airline you fly with.

Hard Shell Suitcase
Expandable Luggage

Luggage Features

Its pretty obvious, but wheels are a serious blessing, one thing you will never do if ever you do it once is buy a suitcase without wheels! You’ll wonder what on earth you were thinking and then proceed to scold yourself. Our travel bag reviews will details luggage’s capabilities, but you’ll generally be hard pressed to find a suitcase without wheels.

Suitcases and other related travel bags come in a variety of wheels, you’ll find some standard sized suitcases may come with two wheels and two front stop riser, while some medium to larger cases will often have four wheels.

Hard sided and soft sided
Bouncing back to how we talk about storage earlier, luggage usually comes in a hard case version and soft versions, the hard shell luggage versions are great for durability and protection, but terrible for storage, while the soft version are great for storage, are pliable and offers less protection than that of a hard case as you would expect, we detail the material of various luggage types in our travel bag reviews and luggage bag brands usually list the material on their own pages.

A zipper can be great and can also be a disaster, If your’s end up breaking when you are travelling you may have to get rid of the bag and get a replacement, however you could always jerry rig it with belts and tsa approved locks if necessary (whatever it takes) and its better to be safe than sorry!
There usually are two zipper variants, a chain and a coil zipper.
Often chain zippers can come with two interlocking teethe are often made from metal and are almost always better and strong than coil zippers these will slide on two parallel coil usually made of the material called polyester. You will find that chain zippers are almost always much more of a hassle for someone to access without permission than coil zipper which can be pulled apart with a simple plastic ballpoint pen and re-closed without a sign of any wrongdoing, certainly not a very encouraging option, our travel bag reviews cover zippers where appropriate and possible.

In our travel bag reviews we also go over the various handles found on luggage. More often than not, wheeled travel bags, suitcases and luggage have retractable handles to allow for easy pulling. For the maximum amount of comfort, its a good idea to find one that has a length which can be adjusted, and a handle that has a grip that is made from a soft material. You’ll realize that handle with that ability to lower directly into the travel bag is certainly less likely to be victim of any damage.
Travel bags with two wheels will also often have two or sometimes more that two handles, Its also a common similarity between travels that they favor a handle system that is two post as it possesses the added use of piggy backing any small bags onto it when its is being transported around or supporting a laptop or similar device

You should also be taking into consideration the number of pockets, the size and not to forget the arrangement of the compartments. More often than not these days a travel bag now comes with designated, pockets for a laptop which are often also padded so you will not have to carry around another travel bag for your devices, we go over the luggage’s compartments in out travel bag reviews where it is possible.
Also a different type of compartment found in the interior that you’ll see is something called a suiter, as the name suggest the allows the traveler to pack their suit within their suitcase prevent the burden of them having to bring a individual bag for said suit. Something to keep in mind about the compartment is that you should be aware of the exterior, pouches that are protruding will of course result in a reduced amount of packing volume that is available to you as they are part of the overall dimension of your luggage, our travel bag reviews are written in a way that we try to detail the inner compartments as best as possible to be sure to read up on that.

Travelers that are savvy will have long since known that travelling lightly will often be much more easy than taken too much. Whenever you consider your baggage fees, thus making it be evident that it make more sense to take along less. So it’s always a starting out thin is often a wise choice & by utilizing our packing light tips and with light suitcases and lightweight hand luggage which we cover in our travel bag reviews. Experts often recommend that a piece of luggage that doesn’t have wheels weigh somewhere between 2 and 4 pounds, and a travel bag that has wheels should be between or no more than 7.5 pounds. In regards to airline travel, usually your belongings that you carry around with you should amount to of that weight and not the luggage bag itself. So before leaving, remember to make sure you check with your airliner about weight limits, you don’t want to find yourself at a disadvantage by having to pay a fee for baggage that has to be checked for being overweight, and you don’t want to have to check any carry-ons or personal items that are somehow overweight, be sure to read the travel bag reviews and also which with your airline to see what your weight restrictions are.

Luggage Care

One thing you’ll notice if you travel a lot is the wear and tear that will be applied to your travel luggage, ideally the luggage we use will have been created to a good degree and will protect our content while also protecting the luggage container itself, however there are many different types of luggage, and with that comes the many different types of materials luggage can come in, and we want to get the most out of your luggage, while we dont cover this in our travel bag reviews we hope the following will serve as a general rule of thumb.

This is one of the many different types of materials you’ll find luggage bags have been made from in our travel bag reviews.
If you do decided to acquire to luggage which is made from leather, definitely go the extra mile and get a high quality leather, because you get way you pay for, lower quality leather will experience war much easier and quick than that of a higher quality leather.
Make sure to stay away from any use of solutions which have been treated on any nylon-based materials or even materials that are made of polyester. Reason being is that although the solutions may be resistant to water stains and even dirt/grit, you might find that it will end up having some sort of chemical reaction on the said leather and as a result this is ruin the natural appearance of the leather, sometimes other materials can be listed, but this will depend on what it is that the luggage has been made from.

Ballistic Nylon
You will also find in your reading of our travel bag reviews, some suitcases and luggage’s that are made from this type of material. These type of nylon travel bags you can rest assure that stains that appear, dirt/grit and even any water will be prevent from wearing down your travel bag, there fore you’ll find that attempts to clean your luggage bags with water solutions will be a safe and easier care approach.

In our travel bag reviews you’ll find luggage that has been made using this this material. With luggage that has been made from the material polyester is most certainly a harder wearing and provided more flexibility , it has a very good amount of resistance against stretches.
When you clean the bag, it’s usually best and good practice to use water, some mild soaps and soft cloth or rag. It is usually also better that when cleaning the luggage, make sure you focus on the whole section and not only the section that has been affected.

Never drench your luggage
Luxury luggage brands or any high quality materials found on luggage require caution, when you clean your travel bags, it is never a good idea to soak the bag, or let the material soak up the water, we do not cover luggage care for each luggage in our travel bag reviews, but use common sense and refer your instructions that come with your suitcases and travel bags..

Read instructions
We all neglect the instructions, I know I do specially when dealing with the notorious Ikea products…
If you are going to clean your luggage with chemicals check the paperwork to see if its recommended to safe to use the chemical solutions you are planning to use.

Piece of mind
Hopefully I have shed some light on your problem and you’ve gained some insight from my blog and its travel bag reviews.

While I can’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t bet getting as we all have individual needs and not everyone’s trips to and from home consists of the same factors and variables, I can at least layout some options using travel bag reviews and pointers and I hope that they have helped.